carving statue stone

Marble famous decor of west figure

Often the first sight to marble visitors in many garden. But, Do you know that how carved marble statues? Today, i will tell carved marble famous decor.

Step 1:
We choose the right nature marble according to the sculpture. Make a rough shape depends on the fiberglass mold. The second step is to cut the stone. After choosing the stone. Select a suitable site on the original marble material. With diamond circular saw blade. Cut off some of the excess. Make it into a basic form. The cutting area is relatively small. When you get rid of the excess. You can see the texture better. The working procedure that open waste is the sculpture rough blank that introduces before and finish modelling two links. But, according to the round carving.

This can be divided into three stages :

  1. Open the wilderness — chisel away the excess parts of the stone blank. Until the initial outline of the carving is chiseled out.
  2.  The basic shape of the relationship between the body and the surface is further hammered out by the general outline of the sculpture.
  3. To open a small wastage — it is to further carve and process chisels until they are about 1 cm thick from the finished size.
    In short, because each stone carving master’s habits are different. So the three processes of processing sometimes alternate. There is no fixed procedure. This process mainly USES large, medium and small chisels. But, now it’s mostly electric or pneumatic tools.

Step 2:
Chipping is to the front of the “open small wasteland” left by the surplus part chipped away. Details that depict an image or form. Tapering is an important stage in the artistic treatment of stone statues. A good or bad carving is all in this stage. It takes patience and care. The main tools used for fine tooth chisel, chisel, stone, etc.

Step 3:

Sanding is done on the basis of fine stone carving. The artistic effect required according to the final image. Use a grinding tool to polish or polish the whole or part of the sculpture. To highlight the texture of the stone. Add the luster effect of stone carving. Enhance its artistic appeal. The tools needed for polishing are polishing machine, grinding wheel, sandpaper, polishing paste, etc. Of course, according to the different requirements of the designer of course will also be acid erosion, sandblasting surface processing. If it is carved by division, assemble it first. To put together the inappropriate place to modify and polish.

Step 4:

Finally, it’s time to clean and maintain. It is to wash the dust on stone material besmirch and stick with the glue that remain to wait a moment. According to the type of stone and design requirements. Apply the required protective agent or varnish. Finally, clean the sassafras…