Size :tall 150cm. With stainless steel 304#. Polish finish. Weight about 200kg.

Often the first sight to greet Dalin’s visitors. And, the last sight to bid them farewell. The life size sparkle panda statue on the garden to Dalin International Park. It has raised plenty of questions over the years. Our named “ Modern national treasures”. But, often called “SLIVER PANDA”. Due largely to its haunting silver color. The story behind this panda sculpture is an interesting one.

Originally imagined to be a pull-off for travelers. This piece of art was commissioned for Dalin International park in 2016. Oddly enough, we wouldn’t actually be installed for roughly 3 years. Largely due to materials and install issues. Garden security scares. And, the corrosion of an involved party.

Stainless Steel Materials came in the form of fast development on Stone. Meanwhile, we chose metal materials. Originally, weighing in at 1,000 kg. The 150 cm tall. Sculpture was initially designed to capture the feel of the China Wild Super Animal. With bulging tummy and fat body. Greedy bamboo. Luser felt that his panda would represent the power and freedom of the China.



Prior to the final construction of this work. Our built smaller CLAY MOLD. Certainly, this clay mold sculptures as a way of fcustomers like with the visible concept. One nearly identical panda sculpture made by our artist team. Its are called “ modifiable any details versions ” created in 2019. This clay work is also of a first one in the make the pose of sculpture. Smaller, Or 1:1 .

In conclusion, stainless steel panda statue. We are driven by our deep love and time for our animal. And, our was expressed in an artistic way. We believe in the right for everyone. From all backgrounds and cultures – to enjoy our natural world. And, we believe that we must all do so responsibly. Learn More…